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Our Studio Dress is the perfect way to keep the comfort we've come to expect from our loungewear but to also take it to the next level.

So much love and energy has gone into this style and it is the perfect example of the difference between Australian made and imported. Because we make here, we know every step of the process and can make sure each person that is responsible for their stage of the garment is an artisan. When you buy our pieces, you are supporting multiple Australian business to keep doing what they do best. 


The fabric is spun in Melbourne from organically grow cotton. Once it is ready to go, it's delivered to the cutter we have been working with since the beginning of Pfeiffer, we call him uncle Con. He checks the fabric has no flaws and then figures out the best way to lay up all the pieces so that we minimise waste which is better for the environment and helps us get a better price for you. The fabric that is wasted when he cuts is then gathered and sent to a shredder where it will turn into the stuffing of punching bags. 


After cutting, our machinists are given the cut work and start putting it together. Now the special thing about jersey is that the first time you wash it, it changes completely. It's not longer a flat shape, its twists and shrinks into a 3D piece that will wrap around your body. Our machinists send the cut work to the laundry house in Marrickville where it will be washed so that it won't shrink when you wash it and it will take on a new fit and dimension. 

From the laundry, the dress then makes it's way to the printer where our 'Studio Pfeiffer, Bondi Beach' print is done by a company that has been specialising in this for decades. 


Near there. From the print house we go back to our machinists where the final touch of magic happens. They sew on the zipper and then patiently hand stitch the rhinestone fringing. This is the part that makes a simple jersey dress next level. The angled zipper adds stability for the fringing but it also means that you can zip it up so that it turns into a snug fit. 

It's a piece that epitomises that quintessential Australian cool.