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At Pfeiffer we act with consideration in every step of the design process. 

We design and manufacture locally, in Sydney are an independent, women-owned and run business.

We stand for family, community, fairness and kindness. 

We have integrity in our design process, the development stage, choosing fabrics, manufacturing, the transport between and respect for you as the buyer and our relationship with you.

We hope to create products that you will have an emotional connection to, pieces that you will fall in love with, create memories in and keep for season after season. 

Thank you for choosing Pfeiffer. 

We acknowledge the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation as the Traditional Custodians of the Country. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging, and we extend that respect to all First Nations people present today.


Rather than buying and copying a sample, we design everything from scratch. We use sketches, previous design blocks, draping on a mannequin and our own bodies. It’s a labour of love.


We collaborate with our patternmakers and machinists to make the first ‘toile’. These professionals contribute their years of expertise and experience to bring our ideas to life and make them even better in the process. 

The first sample is then fit on our fit model as well as tried on by our team and we continue to tweak the pattern and design until it’s perfect and we are ready for production. Our whole team is involved in getting this stage right.

Unless otherwise stated, we manufacture all items locally, in Sydney. 

Our makers are a close part of the team who we communicate with daily. 

Manufacturing in Sydney means we know who is making our product. Our factory visits are done daily during production and we have worked with our community of makers for over 5 years. We are invested in their wellbeing and success because we need them to continue working. The manufacturing industry in Australia is tiny so supporting each other is important.

Domestic manufacturing fosters a healthy local economy, lifts employment levels, creates a smaller carbon footprint, contributes to less pollution and ensures the fact that we know our makers are paid well and treated fairly.

When your clothes are cheap, someone is paying for it and it’s always the workers. Clothing production is its highest at $15 a day in places like Turkey and down to $1.15 a day in Ethiopia. 

Australian machinists average $300 a day depending on their experience. 

Beyond the wages, we know our machinists are working in safe environments without fear of building collapses, exposure to the elements and abusive management. 

As designers, it is our responsibility to create with care and responsibility. 

That’s why we produce small collections- recutting to customer demand. 

We make limited production numbers so you can get an exclusive product and we reduce the amount we are left with. 

When needed, we source our materials in Hong Kong from dead stock fabric. Dead stock or, available fabric means these rolls of material have already been produced and are the left overs from another companies production. 

Textile production has a detrimental environmental impact. It contributes greatly to high energy, water consumption and chemical use. By using dead stock we hope to lower our trace and take from what is available rather than add. 

We use biodegradable packaging for all of our garments.

We ship our bulk fabrics via sea freight as opposed to air.

Our online order deliveries with Sendle are carbon neutral. Click here for more.