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Longevity over landfill. We make every piece with the intention that you'll love it for seasons to come. Here is how to get the most out of your Pfeiffer.

Our collections are predominantly made with natural fibres. This means they feel and age better than synthetics. It also means that they need a little love when you try it on for the first time so that they look their best.

Use a steamer to relax the piece especially if there are twists, an iron can be a little more challenging to navigate the twists and tucks. You can also hang the piece in the bathroom while you're having a shower and the steam generated will do the job!


With the exception of leather, the majority of our designs are either hand or machine washable. A cold wash on delicate, in a delicates bag is the best way to go for most pieces.

Follow directions on the care label for temperature and any additional specifics.


Cool temperatures and a gentle cycle will extend the life of your garments. 

Avoid washing your Pfeiffer pieces with other styles that have metal zippers, studs or buttons as the metal can cause abrasions and holes in fabric.

Hot water and tumble dryers can damage cotton fibres and make them shrink.

Avoid drying in direct sunlight as the sun can make fabric brittle and fade the colours. 

We select our trims and accessories carefully so chances are, if you loose a button, we will have extras.

Contact us and we will arrange to get your trim or button replacements where we can.

Also, our garments are made for tailoring, moving buttons, strap length and hem lengths can make the garment perfect for you.

Email us for advice on repairing. Our production team will be happy to provide suggestions and direction.

When taken care of, linen not only lasts, it will age beautifully and with the individual shape of your body.

Linen can be washed at high temperatures and is very hard wearing but for the sake of colour, we recommend minimal washing and at cool temperatures.

We recommend spot cleaning your leather pieces. Dry cleaning is usually unnecessary especially if the garment is black.

If a garment is labelled 'dry clean only' it usually means that the fabric, construction or a combination of two fabrics will not hold their shape when washed. When it is time to dry clean, use an environmentally aware dry cleaner who avoids the use of perchloroethylene / 'perc'.