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We have made sure your new Pfeiffer has been manufactured responsibly and ethically. Once your beautiful new piece comes home, you can do so much to make sure it lasts and continues to work towards a cleaner, greener future.

Your relationship and care of your wardrobe favourites should be easy. Dry Clean only is hard. Machine washable means you get to wear your pieces more for less cost and it is so much better for the environment. 

With the exception of leather, of our designs are either hand or machine washable. Follow directions on the care label for temperature and any additional specifics. A cold wash on delicate preferably in a delicates bag is the way to go for most pieces. You will extend the life of your garment if you launder it gently in cool temperatures.  

Make life easy and look after our planet. Wash and go. 

See below for our tips and tricks

  • Wash in cool water by hand or on the delicates cycle
  • Hot water an tumble dryers can really damage cotton fibres and make them shrink
  • Use a delicates bag where possible
  • Avoid the tumble dryer as it can make fabrics shrink and affects their texture and integrity. They also consume a lot of electric energy.
  • Use a quality detergent that is eco safe
  • Hang your dresses and shirts on a clothes hanger to avoid wrinkles and peg marks, this is especially important for our twist dresses
  • Use an iron or steamer on linens and cottons to straighten out hems and edges
  • Avoid drying in direct sunlight as the sun can make fabric brittle and fade the colours, especially darker browns and blacks. 
  • If your piece is wrinkled, you can put it on a hanger and hang it in the bathroom while you're having a shower. The steam will help drop and soften the wrinkles.