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Bondi | Shop 1, 83 Glenayr Ave, Bondi

Cronulla | Shop 6, 17 Gerrale St, Cronulla

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Born in Bondi in 2015, Pfeiffer is an Australian fashion label redefining modern womenswear. Founded by Angela Aspradakis and Virginie Pepin, they design for their clientele and themselves, with a slip-on-and-go ease that is a prerequisite for the busy, modern woman. The Bondi based label is focused on perfecting the subtle details that make each piece wearable luxury, equal parts powerful, sensual and playful, tipped off with a unique Australian cool.

In 2018, Pfeiffer released the Moreno twist dress which was the beginning of a new era for the brand. Since then, draped, twisted and tucked dresses have become a key signature alongside bias cuts and asymmetric details that are modern, confident and creative. The team love to manipulate fabric like linen and leather into unexpected shapes. The focus is to dress women with pieces that are inspirational and empowering. Edited seasonal collections along with a strong core product offering are crafted from responsibly sourced materials.

Pfeiffer is made in Australia and focused on supporting the local industry, carefully managing manufacturing in Sydney. Fabric selections are predominantly cotton and linen with a focus on machine washable ease for the wearer and environment.

The Pfeiffer studio and flagship store is in the heart of Bondi where you can meet the team and view the collection in full, in person. The digital flagship ships worldwide and offers insights into the brand beyond the product.

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We are a design lead brand. Our garments are developed from scratch or from our existing collections. We bring together opposites to deliberately juxtapose and create something modern and new, a twisted dress in linen, experimental shapes in organic jersey.

We want women to feel confident, to feel sexy but we always do it in a different way to other designers. It’s not obvious, it’s an undertone and something we intrinsically understand as women designing for women. Creativity and pushing the boundaries of colour, silhouette and balancing beauty with utility is what excites us. Each garment breathes life into the female wardrobe and will remain wearable through the changing of seasons and trends.

95% of Pfeiffer garments are made in Australia. We are detailed and thoughtful in our manufacturing to ensure our clothes are made responsibly and can stand the test of time but are also affordable.  Intimacy, authenticity, the positive vibrations of craftsmanship and the value of having values are the things that set us apart. We are an independent company with a small and intensely passionate team. Our vision and integrity are complimented by the craftsmen we have worked with since the very beginning. Our patternmakers, cutters and makers are our family. We experiment with materials, develop new details and techniques and turn our initial sketches into sophisticated, wearable designs.

We are family. Pfeiffer started with friendship. We have been through the intense rollercoaster of starting a creative business and supporting each other through life events, babies and everything in between. We value our customers and love being a part of their lives. We have expanded our size offering from XXS to XXL and continually perfecting our fits so that we include more women into our community .

We will always strive to continue launching products that offer real value and bring both beauty and utility to your life. As a buyer, we challenge you to choose pieces that push the boundaries. Be inspired by colour, dress well to feel good.

Where we live inspires us. Our families inspire us. The beauty of art, architecture, music and the history of fashion inspires us. The women we meet inspire us, the way they wear Pfeiffer inspires us, we challenge each other to bring you the product of that inspiration.

Our fresh aesthetic has organically resonated with like minded real women and high profile influencers including Gigi Hadid, Chrissy Tiegen, Elle Ferguson, Lina Tol, Jessie Bush, Jennifer Hawkins, Rachel Finch, Lana Wilkinson, Elyse Knowles, Dina Broadhurst, Molly King, Violet Atkinson, Jada Pinkett, and Nicole Trunfio.