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Dear Earth,

The rules of sustainability seemed like you had to be in- all or nothing. As a young brand our power with suppliers felt limited. It wasn’t until we started listening to podcasts by sustainability pioneers that we realised we actually do most of the things they’re aiming for. We develop our styles here in Sydney with local patternmakers and machinists, we make our production here in Sydney and we use available fabrics. We know every one we work with who makes our pieces. The one we were surprised with the most was that it has been estimated that 75% of damage done to the environment by fashion is in the laundering after you take it home. So many designers create beautiful pieces but so many pieces are dry clean only which releases so many ugly and toxic chemicals into the environment. 

Cold machine or hand wash is by far the best option for both sides. 

It's way less cost to you and no waiting to pick up or remembering to drop off. It also means you wear your PFEIFFER more which is our favourite part. Next time you wear PFEIFFER, do it confidently without food, kid or movement panic. You’re busy, we make it easy.

Good for you, even better for Earth. It’s a win win.