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We talk to designer Virginie Pepin about the inspiration behind our latest range 'Reality'. The collection that started 2018 has been a turning point for the brand and one that really hit home in so many ways. 

Virginie :

Reality started as a blank slate. After work trips to both Paris and Hong Kong, the vision for the Pfeiffer direction became crystal clear. Get real. Real clothes for real life for real women. Smart, sexy, cool. We started looking at fabrics and styles that we would actually want to wear at the times they delivered. 

The imagery and themes that became a strong focus were focused around a childhood in the 90's. Grunge- Nirvana in particular, a 90's Drew Barrymore and things that brought back the hazy and nostalgic memories of our childhood. It sounds cliche but both myself and my partner in crime / the other Pfeiffer cofounder are now mothers and that had a massive impact on the new direction in terms of being authentic and designing clothes that are cool and make getting dressed, looking and feeling good easy. 

Usually the lookbook shoot is something that comes together at the end but I knew from the beginning that it had to be shot at our cutters. It is where all our fabric lands and gets cut before going to the machinists. We spend so much time there and it was a way to show our reality and bring everyone into our world. Even the footwear we used had to emphasis this new direction. We used sneakers for a majority of the shoot because again, this is how our team wears Pfeiffer every day. It's kind of easy and a bit lazy to show a collection with a sexy heel. We were confidant the clothes would look just as epic with sneakers too, and they did!

It's so hard to pin point favourites but The Sugar Top has been a stand out. It has been worn and washed the most and still looks incredible. I love that it's easy, not fussy, warm but still directional. I wear mine with denim and Vans.