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Bondi | Shop 1, 83 Glenayr Ave, Bondi

Cronulla | Shop 6, 17 Gerrale St, Cronulla

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#wewearaustralian 2021

We are proud to be an Australian owned and Australian made brand. Pfeiffer is an independent business that was founded on the bonds of family and community. WeWearAustralian is an event that started from necessity last year during lockdown and has now become a celebration of Australian fashion- to shine a light on the incredible talent here. We are celebrating by offering you an extra 25% off all our sale and working with Thread Together + iChange.

Manufacturing in Sydney means we are able to see first hand exactly who is making our product. Our factory visits are done daily during production and we have worked with our community of makers for over 5 years. We are invested in their wellbeing and success because we need them to continue working. The industry in Australia is tiny so we are careful to nurture these relationships.

Domestic manufacturing fosters a healthy local economy, lifts employment levels, creates a smaller carbon footprint, contributes to less pollution and ensures our makers are paid and treated fairly.

When your clothes are cheap, someone is paying for it and it’s always the workers. Clothing production is its highest at $15 a day in places like Turkey down $1.15 a day in Ethiopia. In third world countries the wage is sometimes only enough for a roof over your head but you are sleeping on the floor with your children. Australian machinists average $300 a day depending on their experience. Beyond the wages, we know our machinists are working in safe environments without fear of building collapses, exposure to the elements and abusive management.